We had a wonderful Skype call this afternoon with Steeeve! He works in PR and is a writer. He loved hearing our stories and he shared with us, as a writer, he always uses descriptive and action words to help tell his narrative.

Congratulations to #9, #14, #19, #21, #23, #25. #26, #27, and #31 whose stories were chosen by Steve to discuss.

Thanks to Steve for visiting Room 113 today! I asked his permission to take a screen shot and here he is...

Friday Spocko.jpg

Hi Room 113, Steeeve here. I really enjoyed hearing your stories. I wish I had time to get to other stories that were recorded, but I had to get started writing a review of a new book that is all about how important the words we use are to people's lives. How you talk about ideas and which words you use can change people's lives. That is one reason that good writing is so important -- plus, it can be fun. After hearing all your stories I now want to visit my "Uncle Boji" and go tubing on the lake. Maybe I'll see you there next summer.

I'm looking forward to your next writing project, Monster in a Jar!